Bernd Rinser - RootsRock

He's a master of blues and folk, that's Good Times sums it up. Recorded in analog, you'll hear his music ranging from a small intimate accompaniment in a trio setting to a 12-piece band setting. The bass, drums, both guitars and his vocals were always recorded together live in the studio, this was important to make the music alive. All lovers of an authenitic sound of the 60s and early 70s will be thrilled. LIVE, on the road he mostly acts as a one man band. Then the rhythm section is an old Ludwig bass drum and an old snare that is definitely older than he is. Since he plays various old guitars and resonator guitars with his hands, the feet have to drum. Other ingredients to this menu is the driving sound of the blues harp, which are amplified by an old Gibson amp and National amp. An old Fender Princeton blackface amp, a Supreme amp and a Kalamazoo amp share the work of making the guitars sound great. Sometimes you think to hear two guitars. His vocals always suit the song at hand with a certain sensitivity for warmth or straightness. Max Gösche from Rolling Stone says that the vocals reminds of Willy DeVille. Others feel reminded of Van Morrison or Eric Burdon, no matter, his singing is authentic. Without any compromisses always straight forward his songs take the audience on a musical RootsRock trip. Folk songs & street dog blues, that's he sums it up. The man who comes from the deep south of Germany could musically be located just as much in the deep south of the USA. Last but not least some are joking that some four-piece band get less to carry.

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