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What do you get out of this?

Get airplay

Your music will be accessible to more than 900 radio promoters at over 450 radio stations in 3 countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria).

As soon as your music gets played, you earn royalties. This can potentially amount to several Euros per minute, depending on the particular country and radio station.

Save time pitching

Our MusicHub team will personally manage your 3 month campaign, saving you time and energy!

Monitor your plays

While some companies will ship samples of your music, not all will give you information on where it's played. MusicHub’s special bundle offers you both pitching and bi-weekly reporting for the 3 month duration of your campaign.

Your music will remain available to radio promoters and music journalists for future airplay even after the campaign.

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Your campaign package

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per track/one time payment

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*This special offer could normally cost €1000

Your music delivered to 450 radio stations and over 900 active radio curators and editors

Earn additional royalties for each airplay

Personal campaign set-up and management by our team

Bi-weekly progress reports throughout the campaign

How it works?

Choose a track you want to promote

Make sure to choose a recent* track of yours that you believe to be radio/TV friendly.

*less than 3 months old.

Book your campaign

Pay the campaign package fee via our secure payment service.

Submit your track details and artist bio

Once you’ve booked the campaign, you’ll receive an email explaining how to provide us with the info we need.

You're all set! Sit back and relax!

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Where can your music be played?

Here is the list of radio stations your music can be played on:

  • ZDF
  • ARD
  • RTL 104,6 Berlin
  • Hitradio FFH
  • RTL
  • Antenne Bayern
  • Hitradio Antenne 1 Stuttgart
  • Radio VHR
  • Radio Salü
  • BRF1
  • BB Radio
  • Hitradio MS One 95,5 MHz
  • Hitradio FFN
  • Radio Regenbogen
  • HitRadio Ohr
  • RaS Radio Service Berlin
  • Delta Radio / R.SH (Mach3)
  • The Radio Group
  • Radio 7
  • Antenne Niedersachsen
  • Radio SAW
  • Radio Hamburg
  • Star FM
  • Rock Antenne
  • BCS Sachsen
  • Radio NRW
  • Funkhaus Nürnberg
  • Antenne Thüringen
  • Energy
  • Radio Top 40
  • Ostseewelle Hit-Radio Mecklenburg-V.
  • Radio Gong (Würzburg)
  • Radio PSR (Regiocast)
  • Ego FM
  • Radio Melodie
  • FluxFM
  • 917xfm // Rock Antenne Hamburg
  • and many more!

Please note that this feature is still in BETA, which is why there are some limitations. This exclusive Pitching bundle from MusicHub is currently being reviewed and perfected.

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