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MusicHub is rethinking how music is released, so we've reinvented some cocktails to fuel your creative potential.

Our MusicHub team designed the recipes to create a special experience for you at our events. The drinks will remind you of a specific style of music, a song or artist. Feel the spark, taste the sound, and unleash your creativity – fueled by these thoughtfully selected ingredients.

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drink recipes

Easy Listen 

Smooth but salient like a catchy tune

5 cl of cucumber peel infused Gin
3 cl of lemon water
2 cl of homemade rhubarb rosemary syrup
2 drops of saline solution

17,5% vol
200 ml

The Godfather 
of Bed-Stuy


Strong and bold 
like a rap legend

7 cl of almond milk washed Rum
1 cl of dark chocolate syrup
1 drop of chocolate bitters
2 drops of saline solution

21,5% vol
200 ml

Caraway to Heaven (Fizz)

Soft but pithy 
like a rock ballad

4 cl Helbing Kümmel
2 cl Tequila Blanco
2 cl Blueberry Juice
1.8 cl Verjus
1.2 cl homemade white chocolate dill syrup
1.5 drops of saline solution
Top up: 4 cl of sparkling

12,8% vol
200 ml
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