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MusicHub is the go-to digital music platform for musicians with an independent mindset.

We believe musical talent should be empowered: our platform provides musicians with the right ingredients to unleash their creative potential, organise, administer and release their music independently and with ease.

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Our offer

Our digital platform started with a DIY solution for releasing music intuitively on the leading streaming, download and social media platforms, via distributors. Our aim is to continuously offer newcomers and established players alike, the best possible tools and solutions, individually blended to fulfil and exceed their needs. The MusicHub platform is thus being expanded on an ongoing basis, with build-in services such as GEMA Soundfile Upload or Works Registration and refreshing features such as a Song Portfolio Manager, for you to be able to organise all your tracks intuitively. You’ll also be part of a likeminded community of creators.

Who can use MusicHub?

MusicHub is available for all musicians, supporting them in building a sustainable DIY career and simplify numerous processes.