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We empower you to unleash your creative potential and get your music heard!

MusicHub is the
new go-to digital space for artists to organise, administer and release their music independently and with ease

Our hub is powered by GEMA and was founded 2020 in conjunction with Zebralution. Our common goal is to offer a variety of intuitive tools and solutions for musicians to get their music heard, plus connect to a broader audience, fellow musicians and supporters.

To start with, we’re offering musicians a DIY solution to release their music on leading streaming and download platforms via distributors whilst retaining full control of their rights. Your “Library” enables you to organise and administer your music intuitively and with ease. Further tools are being developed based on musicians’ needs and wishes.

We believe musical talent should be empowered!

We aim to provide musicians, newcomers and established players alike with a fully-stocked toolkit, enabling them to unleash their creative potential and build a sustainable career, track by track, one release at a time. Therefore, it is important for us to keep a close relationship to our members.

MusicHub, GEMA & Zebralution:
A valuable collaboration for the benefit of all musicians

MusicHub is a subsidiary of GEMA, the German collecting society for music copyrights with over 80,000 composers, lyricists and music publishers as members. MusicHub's first distribution partner is ZEBRALUTION. ZEBRALUTION has been active as a digital distributor for independent labels since 2004 and has been regularly awarded  "preferred provider" status by leading  DSPs such as Spotify and Apple over many years.

Who we are?

We're a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and an enormous passion for music

MusicHub is growing steadily. Our team is passionate about music, international and diverse. Most colleagues are based in Berlin, but feel at home all over the world: ranging from the United Kingdom, France, Turkey and Germany to Canada, Chile, Brasil, India and Russia. Above all, our team is full of creative ideas and lots of expertise. We all have one thing at heart: we want to provide artists with easy access to the digital music world. That's why, at MusicHub, we're working together to develop the best tools by, with and for music creators.

MusicHub team

Aarti Kriplani

Lead Engineer

Alexander Kops

Lead Engineer

Allan Shotter

Team Lead of Customer Support

Ariane Petschow

Marketing Manager

Conor Fitzpatrick

Marketing & User Dialogue Manager

Farima Lari

Senior Product Manager

Florian Von Hoyer

Chief Operating Officer

Francisco Nawrath

Customer Support Manager

Ilbey Bulut

Subscriptions & Royalties Manager

Julia Shkatova

Design Lead

Laura Morisset

Team Assistant

Maïa Heidling

Marketing Manager

Marco Wagner

Product Manager

Martin Foakes

Frontend Engineer

Michael Schütz

Marketing Manager

Niklas Jorgensen

Junior Legal and Business Manager

Ollie Husband

Lead Engineer

Sascha Lazimbat

Chief Executive Officer

Thiago Felix

Frontend Engineer

Tushar Poonia

Frontend Engineer

Tymon Napp-Molinski

Working Student Marketing

Zhypar Chotonova

Product Designer


Your role at MusicHub

Join us

We are looking for talented people, who are as passionate about music as we are, to join us on this exciting journey. Together we'll make the hub even better, stick to our mission and support artists in pursuing a successful and fulfilling career. We're continuously growing and there’s plenty of opportunity for you to grow with us.

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