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Release unlimited, stay independent, benefit from built-in GEMA services

As a GEMA member, you pay no monthly subscription fee to use MusicHub Essential and get access to built-in GEMA functionalities.

Essential for GEMA members

Access to MusicHub Essential with no monthly subscription fee

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Unlimited releases for as many artists as you like on all important platforms

Privately share your tracks with other musicians/friends before they're live

Smart links for every release to boost your reach

Your Artist Bio Page: a website to show your fans where they can find your music, merch, gigs etc., all in one place.

Add and publish lyrics to engage your fans

Detailed analytics for your release strategy

Full control over your rights

Join a strong community of music creators and exchange valuable experiences

Get access to useful e-learning resources in our Academy, Release Plan, blog & help articles and more

Log in conveniently with your GEMA login credentials and benefit from the integration of GEMA services, such as the simple data transfer for Work Declaration, Soundfile Upload and Repertoire Search

Refer friends to MusicHub and get a €5 discount for each of you, when they subscribe

What you get with MusicHub Essential

Release unlimited music and stay independent

Release your music on MusicHub and upload your tracks to multiple platforms in one go: Spotify, Apple, TMusic (incl. Shazam), Amazon Music, Deezer, Napster, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Tidal, YouTube Music, YouTube Content ID, Soundcloud Go, 7digital, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Tencent, Anghami, Boomplay, Claro Música, JioSavvn, Joox, KKBox, Resso and NetEase.

Release unlimited tracks for as many artists as you like.

Save your ideas from themes, lyric lines to instrumentation or artwork in our Track Board. Also store demos and released tracks there and privately share a first or final version of your track with other musicians/friends before it's live on Spotify etc.

If required: Get ISRCs and EANs for each release.

Receive 90% of the earnings generated from your recordings through streaming and download platforms.

Analyse your performance and manage your earnings. Receive detailed statistics and trends to evaluate your streams, downloads and listeners. Profit from fast crediting of your earnings and free transfers to your bank account.

Generate artist profiles automatically with your first release and polish them on DSPs.

Organise your tracks easily per drag & drop. Simply copy metadata from one track to another and make sure it‘s always correct for your royalty payouts.

Get fast and personal support whenever you need it.

You're an electronic musician and want to release your music also on Beatport? Check out our Beatport extension!

Promote your release and find your artist identity

Craft your own Artist Bio Page: a website to show your fans where they can find your music, merch, upcoming gigs etc., all in one place. Add it to your profile section on Instagram and allow your audience to check out your work at a glance!

Use smart links to promote your upcoming release and generate more streams.

You get a free smart link for each release, which you can share with your fans so they can pre-save it.

If they do so, your release will automatically appear in their Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer account on the release day. Also, if they aren't already, they will become followersof your artist profile on streaming and download platforms.

On release day, yoursmart link will automatically update, and contain the links to the streaming and download platforms that you've chosen to distribute your music to.

Find lots of useful advice and tips on how to create your artist brand and plan & promote your release in our MusicHub Academy videos. MusicHub experts as well as renowned music industry professionals share their knowledge with you.

Take your promotion to the next level and discover our promo partner offering. Subscribe to a MusicHub plan to unlock discounts and specials promo conditions with our partners such as Groover and AURALE.

Add lyrics to engage your fans

Add and publish your lyrics for each track to make them available on the streaming platforms.*

79% of all music streamers use lyrics. So this enables your fans to sing along as they listen to your track and helps you engage them with your music. Perhaps they’ll even listen to your other tracks!

You’ll also be able to collect revenue generated from each lyric display.

* Please note that this is a newly integrated functionality, which is why some platforms are not available in the initial BETA launch. We will be updating the feature for more platforms soon.

Join our community of musicians

Refer your friends to MusicHub and score a reward for you and your friends! Use your unique referral link or code and secure a €5 discount for each of you each time you refer a friend who subscribes to MusicHub. It's a win-win!

Become part of our Discord Community and connect with other musicians and music business professionals, exchange knowledge and experiences. You might even meet your future collaborators.

You’ll find lots of beneficial channels where you can present your music and get feedback from other musicians, help shape MusicHub, get useful resources and share music you love.

As a MusicHub member, you can participate in surveys, webinars and calls, the results of which will influence the development of the platform’s features.

Meet us at music industry events, talk to us and other musicians and exchange valuable tips and insights.

Find more useful resources

Get guidance beyond your release creation. Once logged in, you’ll find plenty of material to help you craft and submit your release successfully.

Read useful help articles with tips on how to get the most out of MusicHub and video tutorials on different features.

Find resources on music production, campaign planning, artwork creation and much more in our Release Plan.

Get started with promotion and watch our in-depth video courses in the MusicHub Academy.

Get your daily dose of useful knowledge, advice and inspiring stories around your music career and the music business, bundled in our blog.

Watch and read our Artist Stories for insights on how other artists started their career and how they benefit from using MusicHub.

Built-in GEMA services

An integrated registration process: use your GEMA login credentials to sign in to MusicHub.

Use GEMA Soundfile Upload directly via MusicHub. With your consent, GEMA can monitor where your tracks are played in on TV/radio, in clubs or in commercials, so that GEMA can process your royalties accurately.

Use GEMA Work Declaration via MusicHub without double data entry.

Repertoire Search through MusicHub: Upload a track and import existing GEMA work data such as composers and lyricists directly. Can also be used as part of Soundfile Upload.

Frequently asked questions

How do I create a MusicHub account?

To become a MusicHub member, create an account using your GEMA login credentials.

Can I join MusicHub as a label or publisher?

While our features are geared towards musicians, you can of course use MusicHub as a label or publisher. However, uploading a large number of works at one time will require increased manual effort on your part.

Can I use MusicHub as a GEMA member permanently without a monthly subscription fee?

MusicHub Essential with the features described above will be permanently available to GEMA members with no monthly subscription fee; however, please note that a 10% commission will be retained from the revenue generated from your recordings on streaming and download platforms.

MusicHub will continue to develop its offering, launching additional subscription tiers at a higher price point in the future. Access to these higher subscription tiers will also be available for GEMA members for a fee, with special conditions.

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As a GEMA member, you pay no monthly subscription fee to use MusicHub Essential and get access to built-in GEMA services.

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