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Release your music via MusicHub’s distribution partner on Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, TikTok and more

Get Smartlinks, which you can share with your fans before your release goes live and increase your reach

Track your streams and downloads and analyse your listener base with detailed stats

Keep full control over the rights to your recordings and 90% of your income with flexible payouts whenever you want

What’s included in MusicHub Essential?

Organise and administer your music

Intuitive “Library” where you can organise and manage your tracks *

Store your music metadata in one place*

Analyse your performance and manage your earnings

Detailed statistics and trends to evaluate your streams, downloads and listeners

Crediting of your earnings as soon as we receive them and free transfer to your bank account *

Release your music

Release your music through MusicHub's distribution partner on multiple platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Napster, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Tidal

You get a Smartlink for each release, which you can share with your fans so they can pre-save it

You receive 90% of the earnings generated from your recordings through streaming and download platforms

Release unlimited tracks

Additional benefits

Fast and personal support

Useful resources and material to ensure a successful release *

Become part of a strong community where you can exchange ideas and get inspired by other musicians *

Participate in surveys, webinars and calls, the results of which will influence the development of the platform’s features

* also available without subscription (Library without subscription limited to 10GB storage space)

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Frequently asked questions

Can I join MusicHub as a label or publisher?

While our features are geared towards musicians, you can of course use MusicHub as a label or publisher. However, uploading a large number of works at one time will require increased manual effort on your part.

How can I unlock GEMA functionalities?

GEMA is one of the world's largest collecting societies for music rights. To unlock additional functionalities, such as the GEMA Work Declaration or GEMA Soundfile Upload, a GEMA membership is required. Find our offer for GEMA members.

What happens if I cancel my MusicHub subscription?

You can cancel your MusicHub subscription at any time, continue to view your releases and receive payouts for existing releases in your free account. With the free account, however, you cannot publish new releases and cannot access detailed statistics. To regain access to the full spectrum of MusicHub features, you must renew your MusicHub subscription.

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