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Artist Story: Sarah Bugar - trained chef and hairdresser gone singer-songwriter

"The coronavirus pandemic wasn't all bad". You don't necessarily like to hear that, and yet there are those individual cases where something has changed for the better. In Sarah Bugar's case, it was the birth of her musical project, which continues to this day and has allowed her to become creative. Sarah also explains the sunny and dark sides of being a musician and what else she has planned for the near future.

Artist Story: Me & The Lion - Music with an important message

The band Me & The Lion impressively demonstrates that music can and perhaps even must serve an important purpose. The duo, who recently travelled to New York and were even advertised on screens in the famous Times Square, want to destigmatise mental illness and help break taboos when it comes to mental health problems.

Artist Story: Knowsum - a multi-faceted producer-artist

Knowsum talks about his beginnings as a hip-hop producer, where he is now and his (healthy) approach to making music. At the end of the Q&A session, you can find out what else he would like to see in the future.

Artist Story: Bina Bianca - From Gaming Tribute Songs to Comedy Chansons on YouTube

Bina Bianca, a media professional and versatile musician, has expanded her repertoire from gaming tribute songs to a variety of music and media projects. She is known for her weekly Instagram songs, streams on Twitch, and has sung the title song for the successful radio play "Ghostsitter" by Tommy Krappweis.