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Artist Story: Christin Henkel - Munich's Eisbach meets neo-classical music

The accomplished composer, known for her work in piano cabaret chanson, is now exploring a completely different genre with her first neo-classical release. Here, she tells us what inspired her in the sub-zero temperatures of Munich's Eisbach.

Artist Story: Soffie - A Strong Voice for Equality in the Music Scene

With her mix of indie-pop and electronic, Soffie aims to make a statement. Her lyrics address the still unequal conditions for FLINTA* in the music industry. In our Artist Story, she talks about smashing dishes, magical moments, and why anger is her best partner.

Artist story: Margo and her development as a DIY newcomer

Indie pop shooting star Margo is still in the early stages of her career and has already scored major playlist placements and graced the cover of Spotify's "Fresh Finds GSA" playlist. In our Artist Story, she reveals what her "aha" moments have been in recent years and what she's planning next.

Artist Story: Fee Aviv on Queer Love and Empowerment

Fee Aviv has already achieved success in the field of music and performing arts. She started as a theatre musician and has been producing music for several years in a style that is difficult to categorize into a genre. Her soundscapes convey a sense of detachment from everyday life, inviting the listener to immerse themselves in her emotional lyrics.

Artist Story: Esther Filly - Work in show business and commitment to others

Esther Filly has been a full-blooded soul singer and composer from Germany for 29 years now. The award-worthy artist not only wants to inspire with her unique voice, but also to give people hope and joy, whether on TV or on international concert stages.

Artist Story: Violet Greens: From Local Clubs to International Stages - A Journey Through Music and Art

Violet Greens is a German musician, singer, composer, arranger, and visual artist. She began her career in 2009 and has performed in local clubs and international festivals. She's now the leader of "Violet Greens Swaggz The Swing" jazz ensemble and has released two singles as part of the Neustart Kultur-Stipendiums 2021.

Artist Story: Barbara Cuesta - Between setbacks and the founding of her own label

Barbara Cuesta is an indie-pop and theater musician with an extensive music career spanning many years. Her self-founded label Santianes Records presents her new, politically-conscious album, "Euforia." The album is sung in three languages and features intersectional perspectives of queer, female, non-binary people and those with a migration background.

Artist Story: David Gaffney, from street performer to award-winning songwriter

David Gaffney has come a long way, from street performances in the UK to winning two songwriting awards. After releasing his debut album "Boneshaker" in 2021 he is back with new music and talks about his musical journey, influences, and plans for the future.

Artist story: Monĕsk: Blending Electronica, Progressive House, and Melodic Techno

Driven by a beat that urges you to dance, his music combines sequenced basslines, guitar and percussion to create a unique sound. From melodic and poppy to more technical, the music of Monĕsk is always something special. Despite occasional setbacks and doubts, he is happy to be doing what he loves, making the music he is passionate about.

Artist story: Why collaboration is so important for downbeat artist Lehto

Fusing together a wide range of influences, Lehto has been crafting his versatile sound for a long time, with collaboration being at the heart of his musical journey. His story is an intriguing one, and his downbeat music is sure to capture your attention.

Artist Story: How Christian Spelz discovered his signature sound

Piano virtuoso Christian Spelz has been playing his instrument since he was six years old. He was particularly influenced by the music of Rachmaninoff and the great masters: Beethoven, Mozart and Bach. But when he hears Keith Jarrett, The Köln Concert for the first time, it becomes clear to him where the journey is going. With his music, Christian Spelz succeeds in creating a mood that sounds melancholic and hopeful at the same time and combines these two opposites in a special way.

Artist Story: Why Sara Vidal Cabré thinks a community is very important for musicians

Sara Vidal Cabré comes at the art world from many different angles, with experience in theatre, dance and music. After finishing her studies in Barcelona, she moved to Berlin to dip into its music scene and diverse community. She sings, composes and organises art events, bringing people together to create something unique.

Artist Story: How Skyline Sun has been entering stages in Australia and Europe

Producer, composer and session musician, Skyline Sun has been working across continents in the music industry for the past 10 years. Now calling Berlin home, he interchanges internationally touring, playing locally or working as producer to create his own identifiable sound within all music he touches.

Artist Story: Why for Caxxianne performing sparks a dormant fire inside her

Award-winning, Alternative Hip Hop artist and songwriter, Caxxianne has been honing her skills on stages across Berlin for the past few years. Caxxianne blends her Music skills with her lifetime of Poetry writing experience, bringing about the perfect marriage of two of her passions.

Artist Story: Anne Clark dedicated a track to Ukraine to raise money for help

This Artist Story is a special one as Anne Clark is a well-established and versatile musician who uses her influence and reach to do something good and important. Anne recently released a track called “Mriya - an Ode to Ukraine”. The title speaks for itself and the track is an ambient piece that puts the focus on what is happening in Ukraine with the aim of raising money for people suffering from the terrible war. In this Artist Story, Anne is telling her story around this beautiful and important release.

Artist Story: How Cap & Cole always find their passion again every time

Cap and Cole, made up of Anna Lee and Shera, is a duo of musicians/producers from Frankfurt am Main. Countless jam sessions together and the belief that ideas know no boundaries are what bound Anna and Shera together and since the beginning of 2020, they’ve been sharing their improvised live streams on Youtube and Twitch. Using electronic instruments, percussion and live vocals, they create warm and mystical sounds with deep, rich beats. Lyric lines arise in the moment, allowing them to let out whatever they need to.

Artist Story: Why KALANGU has been enthusiastic about the MusicHub team ever since

Under the pseudonym KALANGU, Leon works on various musical projects; sometimes it’s a small live combo, sometimes a production team. Depending on the project at hand, he brings different people on board, but in the case of the track "You & I", it’s simply Leon producing.

Artist Story: Why Alev Lenz was close to stages her whole life

After stints in New York and Berlin, sought-after German-Turkish composer, singer-songwriter and producer Alev Lenz now works between London and Munich. She has found her own musical style - somewhere between sophisticated pop, ethereal "vocalscapes" and music that honors her heritage outside the 12-tone scale. Her current project 'Milky Way', an album of 7 tracks all composed to planetary frequencies, was released on April 12, 2022 on the International Day of Human Space Flight.

Artist Story: How Adam Tan developed their powerful Alt Rock sound

Berlin-based band ADAM TAN prove that powerful alternative rock doesn’t always come from Great Britain or the United States: with their latest album “Elephants”, they further push their own boundaries. ADAM TAN sounds like pure strength!‍