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In this section you'll find information about how MusicHub works and how to become a member.

Joining MusicHub

Who is MusicHub for?

MusicHub is for creators and music industry professionals with an independent mindset. It is aimed at those looking for an easy solution to digitally organise, and release their music, as well as access expert career guidance and services. We believe musical talent should be empowered. We provide musicians with intuitive tools and solutions to unleash their creative potential and get their music heard, independently and with ease.

Can I join MusicHub as a label or publisher?

While our features are geared towards musicians, you can of course use MusicHub as a label or publisher. However, uploading a large number of works at one time will require increased manual effort on your part.

How do I create a MusicHub account?

To become a MusicHub member, click on "Register" to create an account.

As a GEMA member, you can easily register with your existing GEMA login credentials.
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How can I cancel my MusicHub subscription?

To cancel your MusicHub subscription, go to your MusicHub account, choose “subscription plan” and click on the button “cancel plan”. Your subscription will expire as soon as the next monthly payment is due. You can still use your subscription for the month you have already paid. Please note that your monthly payment may overlap with your cancellation. 
If you cancel your MusicHub subscription, your MusicHub account will continue to exist, but you will not be able to send any new releases to platforms. Please be aware that your published releases will be taken down after the end of your billing cycle (monthly or annual, depending on which plan you chose). You will therefore not be able to access Stats for previously published releases or any other of the Essential features. In addition, you will only be able to withdraw remaining royalties from your Royalties Dashboard. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Can I switch to MusicHub?

Yes, of course. You can organise and release your future independent releases via MusicHub. In case you want to re-release any releases already published with another distributor, you will have to have a takedown  performed and subsequently re-release with MusicHub. Please inform our Customer Support Team before you arrange a termination with your current distributor. This way we can help you avoid potentially losing playcounts or playlist rankings during the transition.

MusicHub offer

Which payment options can I use for my subscription?

To pay for your monthly or yearly subscription fee, you can use:

  • PayPal, Credit and Debit card (Master Card, Visa, etc.)

Your royalty payouts are made by SEPA credit transfer to your bank account.

Do you offer Beatport?

Yes we do. Beatport requires a yearly subscription of €96, and you will keep 100% of the income generated through downloads. The subscription covers MusicHub releases that are in an electronic genre, including previous releases with MusicHub.

How much do I pay?

First, you can create a free MusicHub account and get access to parts of our offer as a demo version.

However, to release your music and use other paid tools and services, you will need to sign up for a paid subscription. Check our subscription details here

Check our offer for GEMA members here

When you release via MusicHub, you retain full control over the rights to your recordings and keep 90% of the income generated from streaming and downloads, plus 100% of the income generated from Beatport downloads. You can see your earnings directly in your MusicHub account and have them paid out to you. Please note that income from on-demand-streaming of copyright protected works will continue to be paid out by the streaming services, via GEMA.

Can I release tracks through MusicHub that have already been released?

Yes, however, please make sure that there are no rights conflicts with labels or other distributors.

You can read our article here for more detail on how the process works.


Do you provide ISRC codes and EAN’s?

Yes we do. For each release we will provide these free of charge. Once a release has been submitted, they will be automatically assigned to the release.

What does the release process look like?

You can watch our tutorial video here to get a good overview of the process.

I have some technical questions.

For technical questions, we would recommend first checking our help center.

If you can’t find the answer there, feel free to contact customer support.

Which audio formats are accepted?

So that your audio files are accepted by all streaming and download platforms, when you release, you should stick to the following requirements:
File format: WAV file
Sample size: 16-bit
Sample rate: 44.1 kHz
Data transfer rate: 1411 kbps

What streaming and download platforms as well as stores can my release be published on?

Currently our distribution partner pushes to the leading streaming and download platforms: Spotify, Apple Music (incl. Shazam)/iTunes, Amazon Music, Beatport, Deezer, Napster, Tidal, YouTube Music & Content ID, Soundcloud Go, 7digital, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Tencent, Anghami, Boomplay, Claro Música, JioSavvn, Joox, KKBox, Resso, NetEaseand and to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. We are continuously working on expanding the range of platforms served.

How long will it take for my release to go live?

When creating your release in MusicHub, to ensure a successful release to all DSPs, you must select a release date 2 weeks in the future. That is how long it will take it take for your release to go live. 

Do you also offer promotion services?

Our Promo Partner section started with three partners: Groover, SubmitHub and AURALE. You'll find more details on your MusicHub Homepage, once logged in.
Note: Promo Partner offers are only available with a valid MusicHub subscription.

You can also find a selection of promo articles in our Blog and in our Intercom Help Center. In those, we focus on topics such as what you have to consider when uploading your track, what happens after you have submitted your release, or what you can do to promote it, for example, by updating your artist profiles on DSPs.

We will be adding more Promo Partners in the near future to give you the best possible support when it comes to promotion.

Who is MusicHub’s distribution partner?

MusicHub’s first distribution partner is ZEBRALUTION. ZEBRALUTION has been active as a digital distributor for independent labels since 2004 and has been awarded the status  “preferred provider” by major DSPs such as Spotify and Apple over many years. The ZEBRALUTION team has supported the foundation of MusicHub by GEMA, offering its know-how and experience to quickly launch the first beta version with a focus on distribution to DSPs.


Where can I see how much my music is making me and how it’s performing?

You can access daily stats detailing the performance of your music, which can help you direct your marketing efforts.

How can I access my earnings?

The income you've earned from your music's streams and downloads is available every month and ready for pay-out directly in your MusicHub account.

T&Cs and Rights

What are MusicHub’s general terms and conditions?

The general terms and conditions for the use of MusicHub can be found here. Different terms and conditions may apply for GEMA members.

Do I keep the copyrights to my music when I get it released through MusicHub?

To release your music to platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music etc., you must grant MusicHub a non-exclusive license to your recordings, exclusively for sublicensing to the distributor and to DSPs. You retain exclusive rights to your recordings for all other uses and can also have your recording taken down from platforms, via the distributor, at any time.

Who takes care of the contributing musicians’ rights?

Before publishing your release, you need the explicit permission of all parties involved.

Can I get my music, which is licensed to a publisher, released through MusicHub?

Yes, but the recordings must not already be exclusively licensed to a label or another distributor.

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