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Release your music on Beatport

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How to release your music on Beatport


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Release your music on Beatport

Beatport is the world's leading store for electronic music. By releasing your track, album or EP on Beatport, you make it easier for DJs and fans to find, listen to and buy your songs. All payments from Beatport will be transferred to your MusicHub account, and you will receive 100% of the royalties from all Beatport sales.

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How much does a MusicHub subscription cost?

To be able to book the Beatport add-on, which runs on an annual basis, you need a MusicHub annual subscription for €48 /year. With the MusicHub subscription you can release unlimited music on all streaming, download and social media platforms we deliver to. Check out our offer to see what other advantages you get when subscribing here.

How much does a Beatport extension cost?

€96 /year.

Which music genres are permitted for distribution on Beatport?

Beatport is an online store that specialises in electronic music. You can only choose Beatport for distribution if your release belongs to an electronic genre. The most important electronic genres Beatport works with can be found here.

Which target group do I reach by releasing on Beatport?

By offering your music on Beatport, you reach the world's largest audience of DJs and electronic music lovers. DJs can discover and purchase new tracks for their sets on Beatport.

How quickly does Beatport pay out earnings for my music?

We will make sure you get your money as soon as possible, but we still have to wait for Beatport's payments. Normally, income from streaming services and stores is paid out with a delay of two months. So if you release your music on Beatport in January, you will receive your first payment in March.

What happens if I cancel my MusicHub subscription?

You can cancel your MusicHub subscription at any time. Your account will be switched to a free account after the end of the subscription period. Without a subscription, you will no longer be able to release new music or receive detailed statistics for your existing releases. Please note that your published releases will also be removed from the platforms at the end of your current billing period. You will only be able to withdraw your remaining credit in your Royalties dashboard. In order to be able to use MusicHub to its full extent again, a MusicHub subscription is required.

What happens if I cancel my Beatport extension?

After the expiration of the validity (after one year at the latest) you cannot release any new music on Beatport and your existing releases will be removed by Beatport.

Can I send my already live releases to Beatport?

Yes you can. As long as the release is in an electronic genre, and you have an active MusicHub subscription with Beatport extension, you can follow the steps in this article to send old releases to Beatport.

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