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DIY services and tools for musicians

Keeping a close relationship to our users, our aim at MusicHub is to develop services and tools that fulfil and exceed musicians' needs and expectations - newcomers and established players alike. 

How MusicHub works

Create your release

Create a new release and add all relevant info pertaining to it: the title, artist/band name, the release title language, the primary genre etc. Upload your JPG artwork and your WAV audio file and create your tracklist. 
Not ready to release yet? User our Library to easily organise and manage your tracks.

Entering your release metadata in the MusicHub platform
Choosing the streaming, download and social media platforms in the MusicHub app

Select the platforms on which you want to publish your music

Decide where your music is distributed through MusicHub's distribution partner. You can choose from a variety of digital distribution platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Napster or Amazon Music, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Tidal. We will continue to expand this offering moving forward.

Track the status of your release

You can now start the distribution process via MusicHub partner with just one click and track the status of your release, step by step. Be the first to know when your release goes live and share your automatically generated Smartlink with your fans, so that they can pre-save your release before it goes live.

Tracking the release status in the MusicHub platform
Analytics of streams, statistics and earnings in the MusicHub platform

Analyse your stats and receive your earnings

Find out when and where your music is being listened to, and by whom. Check your streaming and download figures and get your earnings paid directly into your bank account.

Create an account for free, pay to release

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MusicHub Services

MusicHub is offering a variety of additional tools to help you promote and monetise your music. We'll be improving our tools and services on an ongoing basis, based on feedback from our users.


In your " Library" you can organise your music easily and intuitively. With the extended "Song Portfolio Manager" you will be able to manage your tracks even more smoothly.

Stats & Balance Dashboard

Your analytics show you where your tracks have been played and how much you've earned on each platform, per month.

Details on further benefits can be found here.

GEMA tools *

Via an integrated registration process (SSO), GEMA members can use GEMA services, such as the GEMA Work Declaration and GEMA Soundfile Upload directly through MusicHub.

* GEMA membership required

You keep 90% of the earnings generated from your recordings through streaming and download platforms

Retain full control, freedom and your rights - for only €5 a month.

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