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Expert Interview: Julia Borelli - It's not about the gear, but the sound that matters!

We visited Julia Borelli at her residence in Riverside Studios Berlin. In our conversation, she talks about her work, the challenges, and her future projects.

Published on
January 14, 2024
Mario Rossmann
Marketing Manager

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Julia Borelli is a producer, mixing/mastering engineer, and co-founder of Nadoki Studios. She began her career assisting in the production of Grammy-awarded Latin recordings for artists like Anavitoria and Tiago Iorc. Furthering her education at Point Blank in London and the SAE Institute in Berlin, Julia went on to work in prestigious studios like PostModernMastering and JRS Recording Studio. Currently, she holds a voting membership in the Recording Academy for the Grammys. Having established herself in the electronic music scene, artists such as Richie Hawtin, Elderbrook, Hayden James, and Grimes now seek her collaboration. We had the unique opportunity to visit Julia in her Berlin studio and discuss her experiences and challenges as a woman in a predominantly male-dominated industry.

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