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Planning your release campaign

Learn how to plan your release with the right timings, a decent release campaign, pre-promo & more in our MusicHub Academy video.

Published on
Dec 30, 2022

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On what day should you release your music? What’s the best timing? How can you craft a decent plan to prepare for your release? When should you communicate pre-release and what promo content should you prepare?

In this MusicHub Academy video, you’ll learn all that and much more. Allan will give you a rundown of a successful release campaign:

  • How to find out which day and time is best to release your music and post about it before and after release
  • How to thoughtfully plan out the activities and materials around the release date to slowly build momentum and push your release when it goes live
  • Which activities are useful to announce your release and maximise the amount of people who listen to it from the start
  • What details you should pay attention to in your materials, posts and activities

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