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MusicHub X GEMA


Take a look at the latest tools and services we have developed for you.

New Bio Page functionalities

March 2024

Extended design:
Upload your own background picture and add effects to make your bio pages uniquely yours.

Easily reorganise links:
You can now reorder your links and social icons to prioritize what matters most to you - simply drag and drop the links into the desired order.

Take a look at the 'Bio Page' section in the navigation bar on the left-hand side and let us know what you think!

Work Declaration

January 2024

Your Work Declaration process via MusicHub has now been streamlined!

What's changed:
1. You can now submit your Work Declaration for Classical & Jazz releases and add the duration of your track, plus the instrumentation
2. Every Work Declaration submission now includes the performer's roles
3. You can easily submit a Work Declaration with Arrangers and/or Adapters

Track Board now has filters

January 2024

The new filters are designed to streamline your experience and allow you to see which features you can activate for each track.

How filters work:
1. Private track sharing: Easily identify tracks that you have not yet shared with fellow musicians and friends!
2. Lyrics: Check out which tracks of yours are missing lyrics and add them in a couple of clicks.
3. Work Declaration and Soundfile Upload: this is where you'll see tracks that you can still declare and for which you can activate monitoring. Please note: if you've used these features through your GEMA portal directly, this currently won't be reflected in your MusicHub account. We're working on a solution to match status.

These filters will add an extra layer of convenience to your experience, making it easier to manage and track your creative process.

Introducing the Track Board

January 2024

How does the Track Board work?

1. Idea: Start the creative process off in this private section. Add and safely store your ideas for themes, lyric lines, instrumentation, artwork - anything!
2. Demo: Once your demo is ready, share it with fellow musicians and friends on a private link.
3. Released: Get a full view of your released tracks and easily see what steps you still have to complete.

Dive in, explore, and let your creativity flow!