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Beatport: A Haven for Electronic Musicians

Here is why we introduced Beatport as an add-on feature in MusicHub. The platform, which is essentially a online music store for widely electronic music, currently has more than 36 million users, 465,000 DJ customers, and 11 million curated tracks provided through 75,000 label partnerships.

Published on
September 14, 2023
Maïa Heidling
Marketing Lead

MusicHub: Music distribution, promotion and rights management - all in one platform!

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Beatport has become one of the most popular online music stores, catering specifically to electronic dance music (EDM) and its diverse subgenres, such as techno, house, drum and bass, dubstep or trance.

It provides a platform for DJs and producers to showcase and sell their music directly to other DJs, who can reuse these tracks in their own remixes. At the core of Beatport lies its vast catalog of music, ranging from established artists to emerging talent. This is what makes Beatport a launchpad for DJs and producers to showcase and sell their music to a global audience. The democratization of music distribution has fostered a vibrant community of creatives, promoting a constant flow of fresh and innovative sounds.

Since its launch in 2004, Beatport has captivated DJs, producers, and labels alike, offering an extensive catalog of tracks, DJ mixes, and remixes. Whether you're searching for the latest chart-toppers or undiscovered gems, Beatport ensures an immersive and captivating musical experience.

The platform currently has more than 36 million users, 465,000 DJ customers, and 11 million curated tracks provided through 75,000 label partnerships. It features charts (playlists) and recommendations to help users discover new music and stay updated with the latest trends in the electronic music scene.

Beatport Store and Streaming

The classic Beatport subscription includes a download function that gives artists access to the Beatport Store. As an artist, you can showcase your own tracks on the store so that other DJs can purchase them. In turn, you can purchase tracks from other DJs as well.

Beatport LINK

Beatport LINK is a subscription add-on that allows DJs to stream a wide selection of music directly into DJ software and download tracks from the Beatport Store without having to purchase and own them. As an artist, this enables you to include a track in your next DJ set without buying it. By enhancing creativity and versatility, this service enables DJs to explore new tracks and genres, captivating their audiences with unique mixes and sets.

Beatport Hype

Hype is a functionality mainly used by smaller labels (with sales less than $15,000 in the last 12 months).It's also the place where smaller artists get featured. In the past, artists on Beatport have found that the platform was mainly pushing big artists, showcasing them more prominently, and leaving smaller artists to remain unseen and unheard. To remedy this situation, Beatport developed “Hype”, a section where small labels can compete against each other to place music in the Hype top 10 selling genres, for a monthly fee.

Exciting features and opportunities and where you want to get featured

Within Beatport's ecosystem, several features selected by genre editors offer artists and creators opportunities for exposure and recognition. Some of the noteworthy placements on Beatport include:

  • Banners: The weekly-changing banners on the Beatport homepage offer prime visibility for artists, attracting the attention of a global audience.
  • Beatport Charts: The platform's charts serve as a barometer of popularity and trends. Securing a placement in these charts can help you connect with a wider fan base. Curated by Beatport and artists using the platform, Beatport Charts function as playlists. Similar to a Spotify playlist, it's important to get featured on relevant playlists, such as "Best Melodic Techno July," as this will give you more exposure and allow you to reach a new audience.
  • New Releases and Staff Picks: Getting featured on these playlists provides a valuable opportunity for artists to gain increased exposure and credibility.

Beatport for MusicHub users:

If you're releasing your music through MusicHub and have added Beatport to your subscription, you'll be able to distribute your own music via Beatport.

Overall, Beatport is a great platform to use if you're an artist in the electronic music realm. Whether you're seeking the latest hits or hidden gems from underground artists, Beatport provides a comprehensive selection that caters to every taste. Its dynamic environment ensures that DJs, producers, and fans are constantly connected, promoting collaboration and community engagement.

So keep your finger on the pulse of the electronic music scene and make sure to never miss a beat!

Learn more on how to your music on Beatport via MusicHub here.

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