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Berlin Music Night of Reflection: Mental Health, Community Empowerment & Setbacks

Register now for the Berlin Music Night of Reflection on May 25th 2023, 6pm at the House of Music in Berlin. The event is organised by MusicHub, Music Pool Berlin and Mittelgrün Reisen.

Published on
May 5, 2023
Ariane Petschow
Marketing Lead

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On Thursday, May 25th 2023, 6pm, MusicHub, Music Pool Berlin and Mittelgrün Reisen invite you to the "Berlin Music Night of Reflection" at the House of Music

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From simple mistakes to complete failure, from temporary stress to serious mental health problems - what does it really mean to walk the extra mile and make sacrifices in the music industry to live your dream and "make it"?

Berlin Music Night of Reflection - Event Details

Along with our special guests, we will reflect on how musicians can deal with setbacks without falling at the first hurdle or putting their health at risk. We'll specifically shed some light on how we can stop constantly comparing ourselves to others "who've made it" and instead speak candidly about the reality of a music career  (spoiler - it's not always as rosy as it may seem). True to the motto "stronger together", we aim to make your hurdles and setbacks less scary, looking for solutions creating more supportive structures in the music industry.

Our guests will share their experiences and tell us how they've overcome obstacles in their careers, when others may have condemned them to failure. Musicians who have fought their way out of supposedly hopeless situations will talk about how they've managed to get back on the horse and make it where they are now. But do all musicians have to "make it"? Should we perhaps question what we mean by success but also failure?

Which chapters and tasks in your music career are particularly critical? What are the biggest obstacles and how do musicians, along with others, get up stronger after being knocked down? What about musicians' mental health? When setbacks arise, striving for 'perfect' is often followed by emptiness and resignation (especially when comparing yourself to others).

We discuss how musicians can give themselves a "reality check", define and aim for success for themselves and empower and be empowered by those around them.

Join us for two panels as part of the "Berlin Music Night of Reflection"

"Making sacrifices to live 'the dream'? Musicians' mental health and community empowerment"

8:15 to 9:30pm

Presented by MusicHub, in English.

Speaker of the MusicHub Panel on “Making sacrifices to live ‘the dream’? Musicians’ mental health and community empowerment”

Highs are part of being a musician, but all too often, lows form the lion’s share of an artist’s career. The pandemic made live performances disappear overnight, sweeping in-person studio collaborations away with it, wreaking financial havoc on artists and industry professionals, and isolating them from their social spheres.

Aside from this unforeseen life-changer, the pervasive nature of social media, forcing artists to constantly compare themselves with others, often leads to unhealthy perfectionism. Many over-work themselves to the point of burn-out, in an attempt to live up to unrealistic expectations and music industry conventions that make you feel not good enough. That feeling that others are “living their dream but I’m not” is fuelled by never-ending content, showcasing others’ outstanding achievements on a daily basis.

In the panel, we'll be asking ourselves how we can remain independent (together) and empower each other:

  • How much perfectionism in your career is healthy?
  • How can building bonds with other musicians help you develop better ways of working, promoting a work-life balance conducive to mental well-being?
  • Above all though, why don’t we talk about our mental health more often?

In this panel, we’ll discuss how a strong community, be it online or offline, can have a positive effect on the mental health of musicians. We’ll explore the impact that sharing professional and personal experiences can have on self-awareness and your career.

If we decrease the stigma around mental health in the creative industries, can we pave the way for more supportive structures?

"From breadless art, to needless art? - Sustainable solutions for artists of tomorrow"

7:00 to 8:00pm

Presented by Mittelgrün Reisen & Music Pool, in German.

Speakers of the panel "From breadless art, to needless art? - Sustainable solutions for artists of tomorrow"

Reflection also means new beginnings. In part, it helps to think through behaviours, discard beliefs and sometimes redesign yourself and your ideas. But reflection is also nostalgia. Sometimes it's worth taking a look at the past, where, logically enough, not everything that glittered was gold.

Together with Henning Wehland, Melissa Perales and Eric Lubadel we look back and then forward. "Let's talk about the stories behind the spots!" Or as Clueso puts it:

"Hold me by the front
It feels shaky
New beginning"

(translated from German: ""Halt mich am Vorne fest. Es fühlt sich wacklig an. Herzlich Willkommen Neuanfang")

Live music

The evening will also feature music by Fee Aviv and Vero Nouk.

Expect stories of valuable experiences, useful suggestions and inspiring conversations with us, our guests and all visitors to our event. We look forward to seeing you!

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MusicHub is the all-in-one platform for musicians with an independent mindset, who want to shape their career on their own terms. The Berlin-based startup combines tradition with modernity: Founded in 2020 by GEMA, MusicHub has expanded the music sphere with intuitive and interconnected DIY tools, making it a more diverse environment by nurturing a vibrant community of musicians. MusicHub enables musicians to fully develop their creative potential, release and promote their music independently, while retaining full control of their rights. They can also consult helpful e-learning materials on the MusicHub platform and community, and network with a wider audience, fellow musicians and supporters.

Music Pool Berlin

Music Pool Berlin is the central place to go for musicians and people working in the music business, living and working in Berlin. The consultations and training offered by expert professionals and key players in the music scene will supply musicians with information and experience, professional development, as well as network opportunities direct from within the scene. The aim is to equip musicians with tools and information to better survive and make a living in the current music industry.

Mittelgrün Reisen

Mittelgrün Reisen puts people at the centre of the music scene. The mentoring focuses on economic growth and the conservation of ecological resources in the balance of a reflective team and the artist's own mental health. Mental health prevention and sustainable growth are also the cornerstone of the company's workshops and inputs.

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