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Skyline Sun

Producer, composer and session musician, Skyline Sun has been working across continents in the music industry for the past 10 years. Now calling Berlin home, he interchanges internationally touring, playing locally or working as producer to create his own identifiable sound within all music he touches.

Published on
Nov 8, 2022

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What's your band/artist name? Can you tell us a little bit about you and your career/projects so far?

Skyline Sun. I started playing guitar, composing and performing live at around fifteen years old and since then have played in a huge variety of styles including Jazz, Hip-Hop, Progressive Rock, Fusion, High Life, Afrobeat and many more. I sort of see it as my goal to be influenced by as many things as possible.

How did you get into music and what were/are your influences?

I started playing music when I was around ten years old and had a few influences including Bob Marley, Jack Johnson and other similar artists. Since then my inspiration has changed drastically to incorporate anything from Herbie Hancock to J Dilla and Fela Kuti.

Which partners or artists have inspired/accompanied you on your path and how?

I have worked with many other musicians either in long term band projects or shorter collaborations, either way it's always a great process. One that I am most excited for at the moment is the work I am doing with Sara Vidal Cabré. Including our latest track 'Anytime (Blank Space)' and a plethora of unreleased tracks.

What has been the most formative experience in your career so far?

It is hard to give only one example. However touring, either in Australia or in Europe is always a perfect growing experience.

Can you tell us about highs and lows of your music career so far and what you've learnt from it?

Some of the early years performing back in Australia had the biggest moments of growth for me as a musician. Including the good and the bad. Playing at the Metro Theatre in Sydney is one such example. Another was a drunk guy storming the stage in the middle of a set I was playing and trying to hijack the show.

How did you hear about MusicHub and why did you choose our platform to distribute your music?

I was recommended through a friend to collaborate with MusicHub.

What goals do you still want to achieve? What are your plans for the future?

After performing and playing with many other artists in my career I am wanting to focus more on my own projects and really push my own creative voice as an artist. I have many releases in the works with some big plans coming. Can't say much now but it will be amazing.

Watch the 3hr Song Session for Skyline Sun's and Sara Vidal Cabré's track "Anytime (Blank Space)" here:

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