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MusicHub Academy: Promotion & Branding for DIY musicians

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Published on
December 7, 2022
Ariane Petschow
Marketing Lead

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Want to promote your music but don’t know where to start? Music Promotion is different for everyone. For DIY musicians in particular, it is hard to find the right partners with a limited budget. Many promise results, but often don't have a good enough grasp of what DIY artists need, and therefore don't get you the results you'd hoped. Promotion can be time-consuming work and the variety of possible routes to follow overwhelming.

In the MusicHub Academy, we provide musicians like your with self-help. You’ll get overviews, useful tips, expert opinions, best practices and much more, so that you can decide for yourself what promo activities will be beneficial to get your music heard. Our experts Allan, Conor and Maïa will bring you through the steps of pre-promotion and release campaign planning, playlist pitching and setting up your artist profiles.

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The first series will give you all the basic knowledge you need to start working on a release and promo strategy:

Pre-promotion - Lesson 1 with Allan (5 min)

In this intro video, we will discuss pre-promotion and the steps you can take to brand yourself effectively before even starting your project

  1. The importance of your artist name
  2. Your music
  3. Your artwork
  4. Promo photos
  5. Social media
  6. Timing

Planning your release campaign - Lesson 2 with Allan (5 min)

This video is a breakdown of a release campaign, and how to create a successful one to promote your release

  1. Release timing
  2. Planning the steps
  3. Different types of promo content

Intro to Spotify for Artists - Lesson 3 with Maïa (7 min)

In this episode, you’ll get a detailed rundown on how to set up your free artist profile on DSPs, specifically on Spotify for Artists.

  1. How to claim your Spotify for Artists profile
  2. Why your artist bio is important
  3. Links to your social media profiles
  4. Your visual/brand identity
  5. Adding an Artist Pick to your profile
  6. How to create a Promo Card
  7. Uploading a Spotify Canvas
  8. Adding more team members
  9. Adding a fundraising campaign link or a link to your merch

Playlist pitching: how to - Lesson 4 with Conor (3 min)

This video will give you a comprehensive overview of the playlist landscape on music streaming platforms - public playlists created internally by the platforms themselves, private playlists made by fans and playlists with songs curated by influencers or brands.

  1. What is a playlist?
  2. Where are playlists found and what are DSPs?
  3. Private vs. public playlists
  4. Who creates the playlists?

Playlist pitching: expert interview - Lesson 5 with Conor & Sara-Lena (23 min)

In this interview with playlist pitching expert Sara-Lena Probst of Blackbird Punk consulting, we dive into concrete steps that you can take to get your music on the different types of playlist that we looked at before.

  1. Playlist types
  2. How to land spots on playlists
  3. Knowing yourself and your music

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