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Berlin Music Scene: Find the perfect recording studio for your music project

Looking for the perfect recording studio in Berlin? We've got you covered. Our article provides a list of the best studios and useful tips to find your ideal match.

Published on
July 12, 2023
Mario Rossmann
Marketing Manager

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Berlin is a hotspot for musicians from all over the world. The city offers a unique cultural landscape where every style or genre can find its place. And helping all these talented artists capture their ideas are numerous recording studios, creating first-class recordings that capture the unique sounds of the city. As an artist, you are sure to find the perfect place to bring your productions to life. In this article, you will get an overview of some of the best-known recording studios in Berlin and tips on what to look for when choosing a studio.

Studio technology in the form of plug-ins is now available and affordable for everyone. There are countless video tutorials on the internet covering topics such as recording and mixing your music. The choice of outboard equipment, such as synthesizers, audio interfaces, and microphones, in different price ranges is vast. Home recording offers fantastic opportunities to record your music even on a small budget. (Useful tips for your recording equipment can be found here, by the way: Home Recording Essentials. Tips on mixing can be found here: Getting Started Mixing Your Soundtrack.)

So with this in mind, you may be wondering if booking a professional recording studio is even necessary for your music production? But there are situations where it really makes sense to visit a professional recording studio: In addition to having access to more space and equipment, in a pro studio you can also benefit from the expertise and abilities of professional sound engineers who can help you get the most out of your music.

Even if you only want to record certain elements of your song or album in a studio - maybe you only need to record the drums, or you want access to a high-quality microphone for vocals, or a collection of vintage synthesizers - you should aim to record those specific parts in a suitable studio with professional assistance.

A professional recording studio also provides the appropriate ambience and mood, which can significantly influence the sound of your recording. Renowned studios such as the Hansa Studio Berlin have a unique atmosphere that can directly inspire musicians. Hansa is one of the most famous high-end recording studios in the city and its list of great recordings has earned it an excellent reputation among professionals and artists. It is no coincidence that David Bowie recorded some of his most important songs there.

One of the oldest and largest studio complexes is the Funkhaus in the Treptow-Köpenick district. It consists of four recording rooms and has huge areas that are also suitable for recording entire orchestras. As a result, this studio has often been used for film music. In the midst of these historic recording facilities lies the Tricone Studio, which has an impressive collection of microphones and outboard equipment, offering a unique atmosphere for creative work.

Even if these studios are beyond your budget, it is still worth visiting the facilities. Guided tours can be booked on their respective websites. Additionally, insightful workshops are often offered.

There are many other well-equipped studios available depending on your personal music recording requirements:

The JRS - Recording Studio is a high-end recording studio that provides a modern recording environment. A NEUMANN console located in the control room guarantees excellent sound quality, while the rooms allow for versatile recording options that cover all conceivable needs of musicians or producers.

Located in Kreuzberg, Riverside Studios offer a first-class selection of both analog equipment and digital technology, along with all the amenities that musicians expect from a professional recording studio.

Built and equipped in 2005 by a group of musicians and technicians, StudioWong is located on the third floor of a factory and offers artists and producers a platform from which to realise their ideas and projects, from recording to mastering, at a high technical level. To stay updated on current projects in the studio, check their website regularly.

TRIXX Studios is a modern music studio built in 1985 that combines the best of old and new technology in a creative environment. Studio A is ideal for larger recording sessions and mixing. It is connected to two live rooms, with the drum room measuring 50 square metres and offering very lively room acoustics thanks to its wooden floor, stone walls, and ceiling diffusers. Acoustic screens, mobile tube traps, and diffusers can also be used to shape the sound of the room.

Planet Earth Studios can be used for recording and producing all kinds of audio projects. The studios are located on Nalepa Strasse and feature spacious recording and control rooms, the highlights of which include a Wonder Audio console and PMC's large monitor. A wide range of instruments is available by arrangement for use in your projects, including a Hammond C3, Fender Rhodes, various drum sets, a grand piano, and more.

The Popschutz Studio in Lichtenberg has a large selection of instruments and rooms to enable projects from conception to completion. The large recording room is 46 square metres and has a ceiling height of seven metres. There are also two separate recording rooms and a spacious voiceover booth. Both track-by-track recordings and simultaneous recordings in different rooms are possible.

The recording studio Failsafe Editions offers a great combination of analogue and digital hardware, and is situated in a tranquil area by the Spree River. The studio is divided into two areas, a control room and a live room, both of which are acoustically optimised to suppress unwanted outside noise. Depending on your needs, sound preferences, schedule, and budget, the studio provides a variety of options and workflows. You can also access a network of other studios.

Circles Studios are creative spaces with first-class design and excellent acoustics. It is a complex of multifunctional rooms with excellent sound insulation and acoustics. All rooms can be used simultaneously without interfering with each other. The studio is equipped with ATC SCM 110 ASL loudspeakers and subwoofers, and a Helmholtz diffuser as a counterpart for diffusivity in the midrange and attenuation of low frequencies.

For more information on recording studios, rehearsal rooms, and other resources, check out our blog article "How to find your way in the Berlin music scene".

To help you choose the right studio, here are some tips.

  1. Listen to the studio's reference recordings. This will give you a good impression of studios sound and will help help you decide if it meets your needs. i the sound suits your music and if the productions sound the way you want them to.
  2. Consider your budget. Studio prices vary greatly depending on additional services such as a studio, sound engineer, or producer you need for your production. Some studios offer financing options or special offers for newcomers. It is always worth asking.
  3. Arrange a preliminary appointment with the respective sound engineer and producer in the studio. This way, you can check in advance if you are on the same wavelength and if the sound engineer understands what your recording is about, what is important to you, and how you imagine the sound. You can also ask for recommendations on how your project can best be realized, for example, whether all instruments should be recorded live together or whether it makes sense to record them individually.

The choice of recording studios is wide and offers options for every requirement. Ultimately, you decide what is best for your project.

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