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Artist Story: Esther Filly - Work in show business and commitment to others

Esther Filly has been a full-blooded soul singer and composer from Germany for 29 years now. The award-worthy artist not only wants to inspire with her unique voice, but also to give people hope and joy, whether on TV or on international concert stages.

Artist Story: Violet Greens: From Local Clubs to International Stages - A Journey Through Music and Art

Violet Greens is a German musician, singer, composer, arranger, and visual artist. She began her career in 2009 and has performed in local clubs and international festivals. She's now the leader of "Violet Greens Swaggz The Swing" jazz ensemble and has released two singles as part of the Neustart Kultur-Stipendiums 2021.

Artist Story: Barbara Cuesta - Between setbacks and the founding of her own label

Barbara Cuesta is an indie-pop and theater musician with an extensive music career spanning many years. Her self-founded label Santianes Records presents her new, politically-conscious album, "Euforia." The album is sung in three languages and features intersectional perspectives of queer, female, non-binary people and those with a migration background.

Artist Story: David Gaffney, from street performer to award-winning songwriter

David Gaffney has come a long way, from street performances in the UK to winning two songwriting awards. After releasing his debut album "Boneshaker" in 2021 he is back with new music and talks about his musical journey, influences, and plans for the future.