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Artist Story: Bina Bianca - From Gaming Tribute Songs to Comedy Chansons on YouTube

Bina Bianca, a media professional and versatile musician, has expanded her repertoire from gaming tribute songs to a variety of music and media projects. She is known for her weekly Instagram songs, streams on Twitch, and has sung the title song for the successful radio play "Ghostsitter" by Tommy Krappweis.

Artist Story: Christin Henkel - Munich's Eisbach meets neo-classical music

The accomplished composer, known for her work in piano cabaret chanson, is now exploring a completely different genre with her first neo-classical release. Here, she tells us what inspired her in the sub-zero temperatures of Munich's Eisbach.

Artist Story: Soffie - A Strong Voice for Equality in the Music Scene

With her mix of indie-pop and electronic, Soffie aims to make a statement. Her lyrics address the still unequal conditions for FLINTA* in the music industry. In our Artist Story, she talks about smashing dishes, magical moments, and why anger is her best partner.

Artist story: Margo and her development as a DIY newcomer

Indie pop shooting star Margo is still in the early stages of her career and has already scored major playlist placements and graced the cover of Spotify's "Fresh Finds GSA" playlist. In our Artist Story, she reveals what her "aha" moments have been in recent years and what she's planning next.